Mercedes-Benz Motor Mounts

The engine and transmission mounts in a Mercedes-Benz vehicle serve to securely fasten the engine and transmission to the car’s subframe. These mounts are designed to absorb road shocks and reduce engine vibrations, making for a smoother ride for passengers. The engine and transmission are attached by two engine mounts under the engine and one mount under the transmission. The mounts are made of metal, rubber, and hydraulic fluid, and sometimes have a heat shield for added protection. Engine mounts do not require regular maintenance, but may need to be replaced if they wear out or break.

When an engine mount fails, it can cause an increase in engine noise and vibration within the vehicle, which may be especially noticeable at idle or during stop-and-go driving. The rubber component of the mount may crack or separate, leading to hydraulic fluid leaks. In some cases, you may be able to see visible cracks and leaks in the rubber. If you experience excess vibration in your Mercedes-Benz, it may be due to a failed engine mount, and a replacement can significantly improve the smoothness of your ride.