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We are master trained Mercedes-Benz technicians located in Apex, NC . We specialize in German Luxury brands Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-AMG, and Mercedes-Maybach.
When it comes time for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle, old or new, to be repaired or serviced, will need to be serviced, whether for regular maintenance or for some other service problem. Aside from general maintenance, you could see problems with the electronics, interior quality over the life of the vehicle and engine problems, depending on the model and year of the vehicle.

Hyperformance strives to get your car back on the road as soon and as conveniently as possible. We offer competitive and efficient repairs with top quality.

Give us a call (919) 372-5223 or stop by our service center. Contact us using the form below and get a free quote.

Mercedes-Benz Service B only $299

Mercedes-Benz Service A only $199

Mercedes-Benz Annual Routine Maintenance. We will help keep your Mercedes-Benz running for a lifetime.

  • Engine Services – (Performance, and Replacement
    • Motor Mounts
  • Mercedes Performance Upgrades
    • We can customize your Mercedes to fit your driving style.
    • Exterior Mods: Carbon Fiber Spoilers, Lip Spoilers, Trunk, Mirrors
    • AMG Remap
    • Turbo Upgrade
    • ECU Tuning, Calibration
    • Super Chargers
    • TCU Tunes
    • AMG Downpipes, mods
    • High Performance Air Filter
    • Methanol Injection
    • Remote Start
    • Carbon Ceramic Brakes
    • Full Racing Roll Cage for Track Days.
    • Weight Reduction, Interior Strip
  • Mercedes Suspension Systems
    • ABC pump – Active body control system leaks. Active Body Control System Can Leak Hydraulic Fluid on Mercedes-Benz SL500 – can leak fluid from tandem pump, hydraulic lines, struts, and/or seals. Symptoms: vehicle ride height too low and cause damage to the undercarriage. Suspension Shock or Strut Assembly Replacement can be replaced much cheaper than dealership.

Highest expertise in Mercedes-Benz with #1 master mechanic in the NC. 

  • Service C / D / E ( call us )
    • $105.00 BRAKE FLUID FLUSH
    • $129.99 COOLANT FLUSH
    • $159.99 LED LIGHT KITS

Headlight Restoration

  • 100K Service

HyPerformance Mercedes is your #1 Mercedes Tuner Shop